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Unexpected Slip & Fall Incidents are Expensive

Slip and fall incidents happen in businesses every day. Companies are being held liable for these costly claims because they failed to reduce the hazard of a slippery floor. According to a CDC Report in 2020, the cost for fall related injuries totaled over $361 Billion Dollars! This includes medical costs, work-loss costs and quality of life costs. Falls are the leading cause of accidental injury in the United States.

  • Decrease your liability and reduce the hazards.
  • Stop worrying about the unknown risks of your floors.
  • Implement a Floor Safety Management Program today!

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  • Comprehensive Floor Safety Assessments

  • Customized Slip and Fall Prevention Solutions

  • Floor Audit Reports admissible in the Court of Law
  • Premium Anti-Slip Solutions and Treatments

  • Employee Training Programs

  • Expert Consultation and Support

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