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Unexpected Slip And Fall Incidents Are Expensive

Slip and fall incidents happen in businesses every day. Companies are being held liable for these costly claims because they failed to reduce the hazard of a slippery floor. According to a CDC Report in 2020, the cost for fall related injuries totaled over $361 Billion Dollars! This includes medical costs, work-loss costs and quality of life costs. Falls are the leading cause of accidental injury in the United States.

  • Decrease your liability and reduce the hazards.
  • Stop worrying about the unknown risks of your floors.
  • Implement a Floor Safety Management Program today!

Here’s How we can Help!

  • Slip Testing using BOT-3000e

  • Slip Testing using the British Pendulum
  • Floor Audit Reports admissible in the Court of Law
  • Custom Remediation Plan to Increase Traction

  • Custom Maintenance Program for Maintaining Grip

  • Quarterly Testing to Monitor Friction Levels

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Maintain Reports

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