Help Against Germs Floor Solutions
Photodynamic Technology

VIROBAC, developed by Dr. Schutz, is an innovative floor coating designed to combat the persistent problem of germ contamination in healthcare facilities. It offers a permanent wearlayer solution to help against germs, harmful viruses and bacteria on hospital floors, particularly targeting the issue of multi-resistant strains that contribute significantly to healthcare-associated infections. The coating’s mechanism involves activating singular oxygen through light to continuously destroy germs, maintaining a safer environment between cleaning cycles. VIROBAC is effective, non-toxic, and resistant to promoting germ resistance, proving its value in a field study at the University Hospital Aachen by significantly reducing the need for frequent cleanings.

Future is Here: Germ Fighting Coating

  • Premium Germ Fighting Solutions for hospitals and other medical areas.

  • Tested and checked viruses include: Monkeypox virus, Norovirus, Adenovirus, etc.
  • Permanent and Long-Lasting effects
  • Durable and Chemical Resistant
  • Cost-Saving: Reduction of surface disinfection while maintaining ease of clean.
  • No development of resistance of germs and bacteria.
  • Resistant to all common cleaning agents.
  • Slip resistant even when wet

Anti-Bacterial Testing:

  • Anti-Bacterial – Tested by Enders Laboratory
    in accordance with EN 13697

  • Limited Virucidal Plus – Tested by Laber Enders
    according to EN 16777

Please Note:
Both EN standards usually refer to the measurement of a wet floor.

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