Why Wax Floors when you can BoostMAX Floors?

About the Author: Claudius Nan

Walkway Management South Florida’s BOOST™ MAX Slip Resistant Nano Sealant gives old scratched and worn floors new life -plus it works on any floor type! Yes, any floor type interior or exterior! That includes – Concrete, Terrazzo, Ceramic, Porcelain, Marble, VCT, LVT, Hard wood, Metal, and more…

Save money on floors that are hard to maintain with a floor treatment that lasts as long as 7+ years.

BOOST™ MAX provides slip resistance, enhanced durability (3-7 years), ease of maintenance, scratch resistance, UV resistance, and financial savings. This treatment will remove the need for annual strip and wax on floors that require a top coat sealant.

Whether you maintain a school having to shuffle desks around once or twice a year for a strip and wax, a healthcare facility in need of a safe and easy-to-maintain environment, a car dealership in need of a durable floor coating that holds up to heavy tire traffic, or a restaurant with greasy hard to clean floors, BOOST™ MAX is the perfect floor coating solution.

If you currently strip and wax your floors annually or biannually – switching to BOOST™ MAX will save you money and provide a return on investment in year 2! With the average cost of strip and wax at around $1.50 a sqft. and the average cost of a BOOST™ MAX Treatment at $2.25 a sqft. – the savings is undeniable.

Available in water based -BOOST™ MAX and solvent based –BOOST™ MAX PLUS (available in 18 premium color options).

Don’t miss these benefits:

  • Increased slip resistance (DCOF) ANSI A326.3 Compliant!

  • Extreme durability (3-7 years)

  • Chemical, Tire, Stain, and Scratch Resistance

  • Non-yellowing

  • 100% UV Stable

  • Low Odor

  • Low VOC (Compliant in all 50 US States)

  • Ease of maintenance

  • Increases the lifespan of a floor

  • Available as a transparent coat or with (18) color pigment pack options

*Available for professional installation from a professionally trained and certified WMG Franchisee nationwide.


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*All floor treatments include a third-party compliance report proving that your facility floors are above national consensus standards.  These reports will protect your facility from slip and fall liabilities, and are admissible as scientific evidence in a court of law.