High-Cost Strip & Wax vs. Low-Cost BoostMAX

About the Author: Claudius Nan

Every facility must decide at one point or another how they want to protect their floors. Traditionally, many have gravitated towards a type of floor wax that must be stripped and redone annually. While putting down a wax on your terrazzo or vinyl floors seems like a great idea and aesthetically pleasing, I’m going to show you that there is a much better and cost-effective way to protect your floors.

According to homewyse.com, the cost of doing it right, stripping existing wax and then installing new wax, is around $1.50 per square foot. This means that if you are doing it right, on a facility of 2,000 square feet, your annual budget is at least $3,000 to maintain your floors. That’s $15,000 every five years.

Stripping and waxing floors can also be very messy and a major inconvenience.

There is another way…

Walkway Management recently introduced BoostMAX and BoostMAX Plus. The purpose of the BoostMAX system is to replace the old and outdated Strip-and-Wax System.

With an average cost of $2.25 for installation, the BoostMAX sealer is highly durable and has a lifespan of 5 years, making it a lot cheaper in the long run than the annual strip and wax cost.

The same facility mentioned above, will now cost you $4,500 every five years instead of $3,000 every year! In case you’re like me and can’t do math very fast, allow me to do help you out, that means that over the span of five years, choosing to go with BoostMAX over the Strip-and-Wax System, you actually save $10,500, or $2,100 annually!

Imagine what your facility can do with an extra $2,100 a year in the budget!

You may be wondering what exactly are the benefits of the BoostMAX system. How about:

–          Increased Slip Resistance

–          ANSI A326.3 Compliant

–          Enhanced Durability

–          Ease of Maintenance

–          Protection of Surface from scratches

–          Longer lifespan of floor

BoostMAX is the world’s first High-Performance Slip Resistant Sealant with Ceramic Nano Particles. Every square foot of BoostMAX contains about 12 million ceramic particles suspended on the surface of this flexible coating system.

The coating is highly effective at preventing signs of wear, abrasion and dirt adhesion while also improving the dynamic coefficient of friction of the floor.

BoostMAX, which is available in over 18 different colors, can be installed on Terrazzo, Concrete, VCT, Ceramic, Marble, Granite, Epoxy, etc.

It is available as a water-based sealer and as a solvent-based sealer, known as our BoostMAX Plus. BoostMAX Plus was formulated for wet environments, for areas that will experience heavy tire traffic and exterior areas exposed to high UV.

Depending on the floor and area, a Walkway Management Certified Specialist will determine whether you need BoostMAX (water-based) or BoostMAX Plus (solvent-based).

The debate between whether you should Strip-and-Wax your floors annually, or to consider installing the BoostMAX system, is that short. I’m sure you were convinced the moment you saw how much money you can save!

Walkway Management has a national network of certified specialists.

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