ESD Floor System

Electrical discharges pose a significant risk to electronic components during production, potentially resulting in extensive damage to the products being manufactured. To mitigate this risk, contemporary manufacturing facilities are equipped with conductive flooring. It’s essential that ESD floors undergo routine checks to ensure adequate conductivity, as per the standards set by IEC 61340-5-1:2016 and ANSI 20.20. Should a floor fail to meet the necessary conductivity levels, Walkway Management now offers the award winning Dr. Schutz’s ESD Floor System that is employed to permanently reinstate its conductive properties.

The Advantages of our EDS Renovation System

  • Dust Free Implementation
  • No downtime in production.

  • No odors during process of installation
  • More cost efficient compared to new floor.

  • Increased Lifetime Span (up to 10 years)
  • Excellent Conductive Properties

  • Highly durable and high chemical resistance
  • Slip resistant even when wet

Our System is Tested and Certified by the Following Institutions:

2019 Winner of the German Innovation Award

The company received its second innovation and sustainability award, distinguishing itself among 695 submissions with its ESD Floor System, a sustainable product for renovating conductive floors without removal. Dr. Lothar Schutz, the group’s managing director, emphasized the recognition of their commitment to sustainability and innovation. The German Innovation Award, which the company won, evaluates products based on their innovative value, user benefits, and sustainability, among other criteria. Organized by the Council for Design, the award aims to promote German companies’ competitiveness in design and innovation.

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