BOT-3000E – ANSI A326.3

BOT-3000E – What is it?

  • The BOT-3000E (Binary Output Tribometer) manufactured by Regan Scientific Instruments, is a highly precise, digital instrument capable of measuring the dynamic and static coefficient of friction (COF) of walkway surfaces in the lab and in the field

  • The BOT-3000E is used worldwide and has become the industry accepted tribometer of choice.

  • The device can measure both static and dynamic coefficient of friction with a variety of test sliders in both wet and dry conditions.

  • Compliant with ANSI A326.3 & A137.1 Testing both DCOF and SCOF
Walkway Management BOT 3000e tribometer used for slip testing
bot 3000e and ANSI A326.3 standard print out, dcof measurement

Benefits of using the BOT-3000E

ANSI A326.3 Standard

  • Test method measures Dynamic Coefficient of Friction

  • Three (3) samples taken for each test. 

  • All three (3) samples must be above threshold. 

  • Test Method identifies Five (5) Product Use Categories 

  • Created for Hard Surface Flooring Testing

  • Test calls for tribometer to be validated with the A326.3 Validation surface.

  • Processed & Approved by the ASC A108 Committee 

product classifications or categories for the ANSI A326.3 standard. DCOF for exterior surfaces, for interior surfaces and other areas.

Organizations Involved with A326.3

  • ASC A108

  • Ceramic Tile & Stone Consultants

  • Ceramic Tile Distributors Association

  • Ceramic Tile Education Foundation

  • Dal-Tile International

  • David Allen Company

  • National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association

  • National Tile Contractors Association

  • National Stone Institute

  • Construction Inspection Institute

  • SCS Global Services

  • Florida Tile, Inc.

  • Forensic Tile Consultants

  • Int. Union of Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers

  • ISO TC-189 Committee

  • Laticrete International, INC.

  • Moore Engineering Services

  • National Association of Home Builders

  • National Gypsum Company

  • Tile Council North America (TCNA)

  • Tile Contractors Association of America

  • TCA Team, LLC

Regan Scientific Instruments (RSI)

In 2023, Regan Scientific Instruments (RSI) was absorbed by Walkway Management Group, Inc. The purpose for RSI is to prevent slip and falls through the advancement of the science and practice of tribology. After several years of research and development, RSI has developed the BOT-3000E. Our state-of-the-art BOT-3000E is the only Tribometer that currently meets the new ANSI A326.3 Standard, “American National Standard Test Method for Measuring Dynamic Coefficient of Friction of Hard Surface Flooring Materials” set in 2021.
The superior capabilities of the RSI BOT-3000E have been documented in major case studies with CNA Insurance and Westgate Resorts, through their slip and fall prevention programs. It is our firm belief that with the proper training and technology, building owners/managers, as well as facility or maintenance engineers, can minimize their exposure to slip and fall accidents and the subsequent litigation. Measurements taken by the RSI BOT-3000E are not only secure, but they stand up to the Daubert Principle in a court of law. Using the RSI BOT-3000E to audit and monitor your floors is the right tool for the job, plus it is the tribometer of choice in the floor safety industry!
* Please note that the BOT-3000E is no longer accredited by the NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute). The reason for this is that RSI did not submit the application and proper forms necessary for renewal of the accreditation as it did not see it necessary in light of the ANSI Standard specifically calls for the BOT-3000E.